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SCHEME COMMISSIONING AND PROJECT EXECUTION: This is our core service. We execute projects in the substation environment at all levels of complexity including protection, control and telecommunication equipment. We are specialized in the modification and upgrade of protection schemes and equipment to energized substations. We also provide support to our substation and structural construction partners and the customer. In addition, we validate the design, settings and plan all phases of every project to meet and exceed customers expectations.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Providing the appropriate project oversight is vital to maintaining safety and adherence to the standards and requirements of our clients. In the projects that we undertake to oversee at R2B2 POWER SYSTEMS CORP we ensure that all projects completed are safe, stable, and built to last while meeting and exceeding our clients expectations. 

CONSULTING SERVICES: R2B2 POWER SYSTEMS CORP can provide consulting services to its clients in several ways such as quality assurance and control for engineering designs and project execution plans, troubleshooting and finding solutions to challenges in their systems along with other special needs.

SAFETY AND TECHNICAL TRAINING: As part of our commitment to the improvement of safety and human performance, we provide this service for all clients who require specific training such as OSHA 10 and 30 courses tailored to the power utility industry along with specific technical training such as Protection and Control for non P&C personnel. R2B2 POWER SYSTEMS CORP understands the training requirements in the power industry and customizes its approach to the needs of each client.

Our Services: Offering Solutions That Make A Difference

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