Latest News: January 2021

For more than 3 years our team has successfully completed many projects of high complexity. These projects range from RTU, communications and protection equipment upgrades to protection redundancy modification projects along with transmission capacitor banks, large station upgrades, new stations  and new line bay additions. Most of these projects were executed in energized substations with a high degree of precision. We have maintained a perfect record of ZERO human performance incidents, ZERO safety accidents, and ZERO undesirable events at all. We are also celebrating the early completion of every single project we have had so far. Among last year's accomplishments we have the equipment additions and upgrades in the 500kV system along with system expansion projects at multiple 138kV and 230 kV transmission facilities that improved the reliability of the grid in the Space Coast. We also executed capacity increase projects of distribution stations in other areas of Central and North Florida. In addition, we performed the communication upgrades from analog to digital to all tie stations between FPL and other power utilities around the State.